Golden Hall


The Golden Temple / Golden Hall (Jindian) is also called Supreme Harmony Palace. It was built on Singing Phoenix Hill (Mingfengshan) in 1671 during the Qing Dynasty.

This Taoist temple is hidden amid a pine forest on Phoenix Song Mountain, 11 km north-east of Kunming. The original Ming temple was carted off to Dali; the present one dates from 1671 and was the brainchild of General Wh Sangui, who was dispatched by the Manchus in 1659 to quell uprisings in the region. Wu Sangui turned against the Manchus and set himself up as a rebel warlord, with the Golden Temple as his summer residence.

The name Golden Hall actually refers to the temple's North Pole Hall (Beijidian), which was constructed entirely of cast bronze, including its pillars, beams, roof tiles, arched doors and windows, statues, and incense burners. Weighing a hundred tons altogether, the hall is one of the largest bronze objects existing in China today.

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Golden Hall Kunming, China

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